About ETAScan

The ETAScan is based on the knowledge of quantum effects on biological systems.  Every organ and cell has its inherent vibrational energy, its own distinctive oscillation or wave frequency pattern.  This information is stored in the ETAScan’s memory data bank as a graph.  The database is compiled for healthy tissue based on age and gender. Dr. Dan Wagner has been utilizing energy medicine since 2008.

The ETAScan is a machine that measures the state of our body in energetic level rather than our physical bodily parts. The energy information from different parts of the body is visually displayed on the computer screen. ETAScan identifies possible sources of interfering information or energetics. Energetic symbols display the level of energy balance, imbalance, deterioration, or overload that is present at each assessment. ETAscan energy therapy can be applied to any tissue or organ system.

What does the ETAscan tell us?
  • Imbalances caused by microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses)
  • Various Disease States
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Heavy metal toxicity. Pollutants and pesticides
  • Emotional and chakra imbalances
  • Food intolerances
  • Allergies and hormonal imbalances
  • Why there may be low energy in various organ systems
  • All other ‘stressors’ affecting the body’s homeostatsis

A distance ETAscan is only $120 (pay via credit card or PayPal) and can be done by Skype or Zoom. Email  [email protected]  to schedule a face-to-face or voice-to-voice consultation.  It will last about 75 minutes.  Dr. Dan can also do an ETAscan by mailing you a kit in order to collect a drop of blood on a filter paper and a small lock of hair.  For this you can send a check payable to Dr. Dan Wagner, pay by PayPal ([email protected] [email protected] ) or credit card.

If you desire a simple professional consultation (not an ETAscan) the cost is only $60 and should also be scheduled by contacting Dr. Dan on his email: askdrdanwagner.com . Dr. Dan will evaluate your inquiries about integrating drug therapy, nutritional supplements, diet, homeopathy, and essential oil treatments in reference to your disease state or other health concerns.


Dr. Dan can willingly contact you via Skype, Google play, Facebook, Zoom or by telephone do initimate and in-depth consultation. Whether your questions regard drug therapy, nutrients and diet, vitamins and herbals, homeopathy, essential oils, interpreting blood work results, or more information into integrative treatments of over 100 disease states, Dr. Dan can help. Payment can be via Paypal or credit card. Call 412-486- 6263 to leave a message or email Dr. Dan at  [email protected] .

Welcome to OligoScan

​​The revolutionary bio-technical device capable of measuring in real-time, the bioavailability of trace elements (in the form of mineral) and heavy metal intoxication and oxidative stress. The Oligoscan measures 20 important minerals and 14 toxic metals using a non-evasive hand-held scanner via Spectrophotometry. Early detection of highly toxic substances such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic, etc, can make it possible to identify and treat any issues associated with heavy metal poisoning. Keep in mind that 100% of use harbor heavy metals, this is common, and small amounts of these metals may not be detrimental to our health. However, large amounts of any of them may cause acute or chronic toxicity (poisoning) and are associated with a myriad of disease states.

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